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We constantly strive with our deep knowledge to achieve the right balance and harmony between ingredients. Producing the most delicious tastes with our expanded portfolio of flavors, to bring functional and nutritional solutions for delicious foods, beverages, and snacks.

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Confectionery – Chocolate – Gum

While unique flavors emerge with flavors developed with a rich ingredient portfolio and customer-oriented recipes, confectionery takes on its sweetest form.


Energy Drinks – Fizzy Drinks – Tea – Coffee – Fruit Juices – Powder Drinks

Every day, new flavors are added to our flavors that give character to the trendiest drinks with the components that come together harmoniously by our expert team.


We are rushing to the next project by increasing the quality of our hookah flavors with a quality raw material portfolio, high technology and expert staff, and adding new flavors to our wide color chart with an innovative and perfectionist approach.


Cake – Biscuit – Wafer – Cracker

Baked products with aromas that turn the anticipation of the senses into art, like a cake that is planned in layers and filled with rich fruits, will lead your taste buds to brand new adventures.


Milk – Yogurt – Ice Cream – Pudding

We respond to all the needs of the industry with high quality flavors that give the desired results in milk and dairy products.


Toothpaste – Mouthwash – Oral Care Water

We offer special flavors developed by considering the sensitivity and all special requirements in oral care products.


Pet – Cattle – Ovine – Horse – Winged

We increase the standardization and quality of animal feed, encourage feed consumption, increase weight and milk yield in animals with flavors that change taste and smell in animal feed.