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Our Story

Arcadia, the new face of the Fragrance and Flavor world, brings a brand-new breath to the industry. Setting out with the aim of becoming a milestone in the industry, Arcadia invites you to walk with it on this mystical journey from nature to the senses.

Arcadia adds a different wind to the fragrance and flavor industry with its experienced staff, technological laboratories, and advanced special projects. Arcadia can be the solution partner of many national and international brands and companies. The fragrances and flavors that emerge because of the unique work of talented perfumers and aromaticians who closely follow world trends offer not only additional value to current projects but also a broad vision for future projects.

Who We Are?

Arcadia was founded in 2018 in İstanbul, Turkey where development and production activities are located and where the business model based on excellence in production and a deep respect for the natural environment.

What We Do?

In the light of modern approach, passion, creativity, and innovation we not only explore inspiring experiences in the world of scent and taste but also compose a great cosmetic and food experiences that make and feel good, for body, mind and planet.


Everything regarding fragrance & flavor…

How will I get more information and consulting?

After our clients contacted us depends on the region our experienced customer representatives welcome them and try to understand in best way the needs. According to the information provided they guide the clients in most suitable solution for them.

Who will look after our project?

The customer representatives will share the needs and demands of you in details with our experienced evaluators who will have a deep look on project and send you the best alternatives in terms of quality and price.

Can we get samples and how?

Yes, we provide free samples for each request in most cases with alternatives. The chosen sample alternatives based on project would reach you through cargo.

What is the delivery time and MOQ?

Depends on the project the delivery time and MOQ may change but our internal target always to ship a production in 2 weeks with flexibility of MOQ.

Get In Touch With Us

Arcadia is manufacturer of fragrance and flavor for both Turkish local market and all international market promising the good compounds with competitive cost.