warm, spicy, fruity, elegant, seditious

Composition of purity

Arcadia is our passion from nature to senses…

We invite you to walk with us in the light of the new horizons we have drawn with magical touches in the mystical world of Fragrance…

We are at your service with our color chart that meets all local and international needs with thousands of prescriptions that diversify day by day, created by careful analysis and blend of new trends and market needs as well as traditional lines…

Classy, sophisticated and mysterious

meet your needs & desires in a scent form…

Cool & Elegant

Herbal & Fresh


Hair Care – Skin Care & Cleaning – Baby Care – Deodorant

We draw a new horizon for the scents of hair, body and skin care products with our works that present various, rich and hidden values ​​compiled from nature like a bouquet.


Air Care – Detergent – Softener – Dish Wash – All Purpose Cleaners – Wet Wipes

The fragrance characters we offer create new perspectives and add new values ​​to customer needs and expectations. Houses are like a flower garden with Arcadia scented home care products…


Perfume – Colegne – Body Mist

While the new day born brings different touches to life, while inspiring scents leave traces in our life with new memories, Arcadian perfumers continue to bring new interpretations from nature to senses with its unique perfume fragrances.